Integer Fun!

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Here are some sites that explain integers. Try several of these sites and fill out two evaluation sheets. One sheet will describe the best explanation, and the other sheet will describe the best game.

Listed below are lots of links to integer practice online.

Mystery Picture Math Game
Find out what’s behind these tiles.
Click on the button with the problem then click on the result on the left

Builder Ted
Put numbers in order. Levels 2 and 3 have negative numbers.

MathCar Racing Game
Try to beat the computer by picking the expression that has the largest answer. You can choose the skill level and the operation to practice. Medium or Hard levels will give you integer practice.

Circle Zero
A puzzle involving adding positive and negative integers to sum to zero.
Circle 21
A puzzle involving adding positive and negative integers to sum to twenty one.
Number Line Bounce
Number line addition and subtraction game.

Arithmetic Four
This game asks the players to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers and integers. Choose difficulty level, question types, and time limit.

Explore Learning Gizmos
Interactive “Gizmo” illustrating addition of integers on a number line. Comes with exploration guide and assessment questions. By subscription, but has Free 30 day trial account.

Choose Math Operation Game
Choose the range to include negative numbers in this fun game to get practice in how to add/subtract/multiply/divide integers.

Space Coupe to the Rescue
By choosing a positive or negative number, the player controls the vertical position of a spaceship. If the spaceship reaches the same vertical position as a virus pod, the pod is destroyed.


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I had too much planned for today. We looked at the geometry concepts of transformations and geometric relationships. We didn’t cover all that I had planned in every class, but each class had a worksheet on Objective 4 for homework. Here is today’s PowerPoint.  (Click on the link or the slide to get a bigger view.)

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Today we reviewed algebra concepts of patterns, equations, and expressions. Homework today was a worksheet over objective 4. 5th Period did page 572, #1-6 from each section instead. 7th Period did the book work and the worksheet. Here are the This album is powered by BubbleShareAdd to my blog

ARMT – Number and Operation

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We began our review for the ARMT today. We focused on the Number and Operation strand. We reviewed fractions, integers, decimals, percents, and order of operations. Tonight’s homework is a worksheet practicing Gridded Response questions.

Here is a slideshow of today’s PowerPoint.

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Test tomorrow over transformations. Check these links for games about translations, reflections, and rotations.

Be sure to understand the following words:  translation (slide), rotation (turn), reflection (flip), clockwise, counter-clockwise, x-axis, y-axis, 90 degree turn, 180 degree turn.

The Flu Has Attacked the Simpsons!!!

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All three of my children have had the flu, so I have not been at school in over a week.  I tried to go today, but I received a phone call from day care saying my son was throwing up before 1st period had barely begun!  On the way to pick him up, my daughter’s school called to say that she was not doing well, so I brought her home too.

I  have had a productive day.  While the children slept I graded mountains of papers!  I am caught up except for the Test Ready sheets they have done this week.  If I could just get to school to put my grades in STI, then all would be good!

Here is what the students have been working on while I was out…

Thursday, February 15

Pre-Algebra:  pp. 736-737, Lessons 6.1-6.4

Math:  p. 580, Lessons 7.1-7.2

Friday, February 16

Band students were out this day.  You do not have to make up the work.
Pre-Algebra: Worksheets, Lessons 6.2 and 6.3

Math: Worksheets, Lessons 7.1 and 7.2

Tuesday, February 20 and Wednesday, February 21

Worked out of Test Ready booklet.  Worksheet for homework.

Thursday, February 22

Pacing Guide Test

Friday, February 23

Worked out of Test Ready booklets.

Alatoba…Today’s the day!

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While we are creating our presentations in the computer lab today, Mr. Harbeck’s students in Canada will be doing the same thing!  Here are your instructions so everything will go smoothly for us.

  1. Log into Novell.  Your username is your first and last name.  Your password is your lunch number.
  2. Open Geometer’s Sketchpad and insert a text box into the window.
  3. Type an explanation of your conversion.  You can change the font, size, and color of your writing.  Make it large enough to fill the screen.
  4. Select and copy your  work.
  5. Open  PowerPoint and paste your work from Sketchpad into a blank slide.
  6. Adjust the size so that it fills the slide.
  7. Save the slide as a jpeg file into a place where you can find it.
  8. Go back to Geometer’s Sketchpad and create a summary slide showing the price of your item in US and Canadian currency.
  9. Repeat steps 4-7.
  10. Open Bubbleshare and log in using the email [email protected]  The password is ilovemath.
  11. Follow the instructions on the alatoba wiki.
  12. Once your album is created, copy the number that is found in the url after the words “myalbum/”
  13. Paste this code onto the page for your group under your group name.
    • Click on “Edit Page”
    • Highlight “Place Bubbleshare Here.”
    • Click on “Insert Plugin”
    • Choose “Photos” and then “Bubbleshare Slideshow.”
    • Paste the album number into the appropriate box.
  14. You are done!

Extra Credit Problem 5

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A dart is thrown at random at each of the dartboards below.

(I will try to upload the pictures later.  You should have them on your worksheet.)

a.  For each dartboard, what is the probability that a dart will land in a region marked A?  A region marked B?  A region marked C?

b.  For board 1, what is the probability that a dart will land in a region marked A or B?

c.  For board 2, what is the probability that a dart will not land in region C?

Same rules as number 3.

Extra Credit Problem 4

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Tioko and Dione are using the spinners from the Making Purple game to play a two-person game.  They take turns spinning the two spinners.  If the colors on the two spinners make purple, Dione scores.  If they do not make purple, Tioko scores.  For this to be a fair game, how many points should Dione score when the spinners make purple, and how many points should Tioko score when they do not make purple?

Post your answer as a comment.  Same rules as number 3.

Extra Credit Problem 3

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In the Gee Whiz Everyone Wins! television game show, members of the studio audience draw a block randomly from a bucket containing 2 red blocks, 1 yellow block, and 3 blue blocks.  If a blue block is drawn, the contestant wins $5.  If a red block is drawn, the contestant wins $10.  If the yellow block is drawn, the contestant wins $50.  The block is replaced after each draw.

a.  What is the probability of drawing each color?

b.  If 24 contestants draw a block from the bucket, how much money can the game show expect to pay out?

Leave your answer as a comment.  Include your first name and class period.  Answers posted by Monday, January 28, will be eligible for points.

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